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Installation & Repair Overview

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Our experience in Cable Pressurization Installations, Air Dryer Maintenance and Compressor Repairs began in 1959. All of our technicians are highly trained and well qualified with many years experience specifically related to Air Dryer repair and maintenance providing professional care and service. We believe our Service program to be the best in the industry and designed specifically with Cable Air Pressurization as the primary objective.

Here is an outline of our "In House Repair and Return Program":

  • Telco personnel calls our office to obtain an RA number and any help necessary from us to send component in for repair.
  • Excellent facilities for handling all incoming equipment. We maintain a very extensive line of all Air Dryer Manufactures "OEM" repair parts in stock for quick turn around time of repairs.
  • Step-by-step detail guide line for handling, repairing, and testing procedures to return component back to original new condition and warranted for 120-days.
  • All repaired Air Dryers, Compressors, Components are tested under simulated field conditions to ensure proper overall operation upon receipt and installation by Telco personnel.
  • In the event repairs of a Compressor or Component is found to be “excessive” we will replace with a new unit.
  • Compressors and Components are shipped in a heavy duty cartons which is reused for return of other components for repair and return.

Here is an outline of our "On-Site Emergency/Scheduled Routine Maintenance Program":

  • Telco personnel calls our office 24-hours 7-days a week to request On-Site Emergency Air Dryer Repair at the specific location.
  • Custom Scheduled Maintenance Program designed around the specific makes and model Air Dryers you the customer have in service.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Intervals can be scheduled, Quarterly, Semi-Annually or Annually based on the level of service the customer wants provided.
  • All specific Air Dryer Manufacture recommended maintenance procedures are followed to maintain any warranties that are still in effect as well as using “OEM” original parts.
  • Meet with Telco Managers and or Technicians before and after services to address any concerns or findings.
It Is Our Pledge To Serve Our Customers With:   Quality Integrity Honesty Knowledge Experience

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