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Overview of Telecommunication Services

Our Company's objective is to work with the individual TELCO Personnel and help them accomplish their endeavors. Our position is that regardless of the type of equipment you may need, we are able to provide these products, along with services and installations. The Primary type of activity that we participate in pertains to Cable Pressurization and Monitoring. We will perform our services anywhere there is a request!

  • Provide Air Dryers, Meter Panels, and Associated Products utilized in the Central Office for Cable Pressurization.
  • Provide Computers and Associated Products for Mechanized Monitoring of Cable Pressure Systems.
  • Installation of the same type of equipment or rearrangement and upgrading of existing equipment for turnkey Air Pressure Systems Inside and Outside Plant.
  • Turn Key job of "Cable Pressure Monitoring Systems" Inside and Outside Plant.
  • Repair and Return Program" Products and Equipment used to maintain Air Pressure Systems for Inside and Outside Plant.
  • Preventive Routine Maintenance on Air Dryers; Trouble Repair Calls; Assistance by Telephone with Air Dryer problems; Maintain most all small parts for any and all types of Air Dryers.
  • Provide all Air Pressure Products and Services for the Central Office and Outside Plant utilized in the field by the Cable Repair Personnel.
  • Pre-assemble in our shop and ship Bay Assemblies and etc., with Meter Panels for Air Distribution Systems.
  • Upgrade and place in proper operating condition: Air Dryers, Air Compressors, and all other related items and reship to locations.
  • Consultation Services and Engineering for Air Pressure Systems.
  • We will provide and ship products globally!
It Is Our Pledge To Serve Our Customers With:   Quality Integrity Honesty Knowledge Experience

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