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Backflow Certification & Repair

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Backflow Preventers

C.L. Blankenship Inc. proudly offers certification, maintenance, sales and installation of all types of backflow preventers to protect our potable water supply systems in our communities. Our technicians are fully licensed by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners, and certified by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for all of these critical practices. These devices are required by state law to be tested annually to ensure their correct operation to protect our health. If you are an owner or occupant of facilities where these devices are or should be installed, you are responsible to ensure that these annual certifications are performed on the device(s).
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Annual Certifications

These procedures are required to be completed by trained and accredited backflow preventer testers in the state of Texas. We are equipped with the appropriate servicing manual(s), required testing equipment, and manufacturer’s replacement parts in order to perform a thorough test and maintenance procedure of your device.

Backflow Preventer Enclosures

C.L. Blankenship, Inc. also has an extensive line of backflow preventer enclosures available to you. We have different types of enclosures to protect your device from vandalism, freezing, intentional closing of the valves interrupting water service to your facilities as a “prank”, and decorative enclosures for those who feel the device is an eye sore on their premises. Please contact us for more information on these enclosures.
Backflow Preventer Enclosures

backflow testing Many people in today’s society are not aware of the meaning of backflow prevention and cross-connection control and the potential threat that these situations impose on our potable drinking water systems. We have included a couple of educational brochure's (Courtesy of Watts Regulator Company), to hopefully increase and clarify your understanding of cross-connections and backflow prevention.

Residential Backflow Prevention Residential Backflow Prevention.pdf  Residential Backflow Prevention 50 Cross Connection Questions,
Answers & Illustrations.pdf

People, we ask that you please share this information with your family and friends to help get the word out about these often ignored and deadly hazards, so we can help to protect the quality of our potable drinking water throughout our communities.
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