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Factory Trained For Any Installation, Operation or Maintenance Need

We employ a group of technicians whom are extremely knowledgeable and aware of the operation of water heaters and the safety of them. Our technicians are factory trained in the installation, operation and maintenance of various models and sizes of water heaters insuring you peace of mind with your water heating equipment.
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Commercial, Industrial & Residential Water Heaters

We offer a very reputable line of water heaters manufactured by A.O. Smith Water Products. They have a conventional tank-type water heater to fit any of your water heating needs whether commercial, industrial or residential. We can also assist you in determining the correct size and type of equipment for your water heating needs. When replacing your existing water heater, our technicians carefully examine the existing piping and features of your hot water system looking for violations to the current local plumbing code and potential safety threats, correcting and upgrading them as needed. When our installation is complete, you can rest assured that you have a complete and operable worry free water heating system.

Water Heater Maintenance and Repair Services

In addition to installation of new water heaters, we also offer maintenance, troubleshooting and repair services for all types and brands of water heaters. Our trucks are well equipped with the tools and parts to repair most any water heater. We also offer routine inspection and cleaning of water heaters. We test the temperature and pressure relief valve, flush the water heater of any deposits that have formed from heating the hard water in your area and settle at the bottom of the tank.
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We visually inspect the flue piping on gas type water heaters, ensure proper operation and setting of thermostats to prevent possible scalding, check the condition of the anode rod and replace any bad heating elements. Deposits in the bottom of a water heater tank can accumulate over time and decrease the efficiency of the heater and lead to more problems that will require costly repairs. So why not call us today and schedule for us to perform routine maintenance on your water heating equipment.

Components of a Water Heating System

Water heaters within a facility impose a very potential threat to the occupants of the facility which many people are not educated on. There are two very important components of a water heating system. One is a temperature and pressure relief valve and the other is a thermal expansion tank. We have included a couple of educational brochures (Courtesy of Watts Regulator Company), to help you better understand the operation and importance of these devices. Please share this information with your family and friends as this is very serious business. If you have any further questions on these issues, please feel free to call us and speak with one of our trained professionals, or to schedule an in home inspection of your water heating system.

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  Commercial, Industrial or Residential Water Heaters Thermal Expansion Awareness
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