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Water Softener Sales & Service

Water Conditioning

At C.L. Blankenship, Inc., we believe that conditioning the water that we use to drink, bathe or cook with is very important to our health. Water coming from the tap in many parts of our community is considered to be very hard. When we refer to hard water, we are talking about the cause of the residue left on your dishes after washing them, the scale and deposits on the faucets and shower walls, the water rings in your toilets, and the cause of needing so much soap to wash your clothes, air and body. Water conditioning simply leads to a healthier and easier lifestyle.

R&M Manufacturing

We provide water conditioning equipment manufactured by R&M Manufacturing. They have been in the business of water conditioning for numerous years and know the ins-and-outs of the business. We have chosen their equipment because they are backed by outstanding warranties and have high institutional approvals. I would have to say the main reason for choosing their products is for the design of the water passage ways in their metering heads on the equipment. Many manufacturers restrict the passages in their metering heads to maintain a higher efficiency rating for a smaller, less expensive unit. The consumer disadvantage of this practice is that reducing the water passage way size restricts the flow and volume of the water piping in the facility and decreases the flow and volume of water at the fixtures. Now who wants that? R&M's equipment is designed with a full port water passage way that does not restrict the flow or volume of water.
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